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Finn O’Hara  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Finn

O’Hara’s environmental portraits begin with the trappings of any given situation. The surrounding site is a significant player in his photographs, as are the experiences and the personalities who live or inhabit the space itself.

When composing his work he positions himself either at the eye level of the participants in his images or above and uses technical skill to capture the attention of the audience. O’Hara wants the viewer to be put in position relative to these narrative landscapes, masterfully directed by compositional and lighting cues into becoming an observer who know exactly where to look. He uses large-scale analog (film) or digital systems to be as precise as possible in retaining layers of the various elements of visual complexity, giving the viewer intimate and minute details of private encounters between the artist and his subjects.

Clients include Forbes, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, New Scientist, Wallpaper, The Walrus and Wired.

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"to see a larger image, go to his profile thing then click new work and it is listed there :)"

"i kind of dig it."

"Sure like the blackbord one. One can always use some physics on the wall. Finn is a top-knotch photographer. I looked at his website and he sure was good."

"Our eyes scream, "Death is taking the children." The white faced death quietly leans forward, casting an ominous shadow on the wall behind the child in the stroller. Heaven's light showing that this one is lost? But wait...the swatch of red behind the stroller, leads our eyes to a pink jacket--see the white boots? One child is reaching back, but the soft light shinning on an odd-shaped, empty chair draws are eyes back to the pink jacket, the red swatch behind the stroller and back again; suddenly seeing the din of red bursting from the negligent adults beyond the window. That is when we pull back to the light above the chair, that, is when we see the brown roof and the seemingly brown parking lot. That gritty brown parking lot. Very good, Finn; you are worth five smudges in five tiny blocks...and we hope all agree."

"can't tell what is in the lit window... wish the site would post larger pics"

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