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Rebecca Campbell  Los Angeles, CA

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About Rebecca

Rebecca Campbell, originally from Salt Lake City, Utha is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles. Campbell holds a BFA from Northwest College of Art and an MFA from UCLA.

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"Rebecca! For me, the 'girls on the lawn' evokes Alta Tadema, can't recall the name of the painting, but a bevy of beauties in some egyptian or greek or syrian stone courtyard-the central redhead staring directly at the viewer? Thanks to the artist for sending me an announcement to your latest show.I've a new address. Contact me! Your work is and always has been amazing."

"It's very fluid. I can just imagine the wetness between the silky cleft of these women. Very sensual; In the sense that I can imagine their pleasant aroma as well as their slightly brackish taste."

"I love her work. She is one of my fav artists."

"i can't understand pic two"

"Sublime tension between solid and fleeting states."

"girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes"

"love your pictures. they look so real that i feel i could just step into them. i want you to paint or color or do whatever you did again. i want to see how many fabulous ideas you have got. i want to be like you and have your special talent. i am young of age but you still get the point of view from a kid who wants to be like you. i hope you spend a lot of time on your pictures because they make them seem great and cool. keep up the great work!"

"I like the leaf at the top left that's just catching the light as it curls."

"The young girls look like fresh fruits fallen from the tree waiting to be picked up. Their dreamy and innocent expressions on their faces show that they don't know yet who they really are."

"Some of her other works on her site are a little too sketchy/not detailed enough for my taste, but I like the first one featured here and I love the way she plays with light."

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