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Nick Veasey  Maidstone, Kent, UK

X-Ray using radiographic imaging equipment
X-Ray using radiographic imaging equipment

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About Nick

A man with x-ray vision, Nick Veasey creates images that show what it is really like inside. Nick’s work with radiographic imaging equipment takes the x-ray to another level. Everyday objects are given another meaning and the layers and make-up of natural items are shown in fantastic detail.

Before making this weird but wonderful career path Nick worked in Advertising and Design. This has resulted in strong conceptual imagery and a no-nonsense ‘can do’ approach to projects. Such tenacity has resulted in unique large scale x-rays of buses and planes. He is motivated to explore what lies beneath the surface in a world obsessed with image and superficial looks. A man that peels back the layers to see what things are made of. Metaphors for the images are many and varied and their context is very relevant in today’s society with the prevalence of surveillance the use of x-ray technology for security.

The ethereal and fascinating images have collected a host of International awards. Nick Veasey’s personal work has been shown in swanky galleries and sold to the masses in Ikea. A detailed understanding of scientific imaging has helped Nick make otherworldly short films and TV commercials. Collaborating with scientists and boffins to solve other scientific imaging issues is set to become an increasing distraction.

Recommended by our guest curators

Liz Stinson

Writer, WIRED Design

"Nick Veasey's work is technologically complex, but its visual appeal is simple and obvious. The x-ray images are a reminder of the hidden levels of complexity in objects that would otherwise go unnoticed."

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"That is awesome!!"

"Very enjoyable images....and meaningful, in a strange way."

"He's like superman- x-ray vision. I really like these!"

"post more!!!!!! these are way cool."

"love your picture it is awesome and totally off the hook. hope you do some more i cant wait! your pictures inspire me and i hope i could be as good as you someday. if you do ever get this message i hope you know that a lot of people admire your fantastic drawings. they are out of this world! thanks for your time and patience! love ya!!!!"

"totally sweet"

"really interesting. most of the time when people do this i't s to show something underneath like the example provided by the person 2 below but this one is extraordinary normality... makes me wonder."

"I love the interplay of people and machines."

"Beautiful and eerie too. These remind me of an amazing X-ray picture I must have cut out of a magazine. It shows a truck with a load of bananas and, under them, a row of seated illegal immigrants packed like sardines. Was it taken by you?"

"I love the second one!!! These are awesome!"

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