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Mary Anne Kluth  San Francisco, CA

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About Mary Anne

Mary Anne’s new paintings depict the dissonant relationship between humanity and landscape that can result when one focuses too closely on empirical perceptions. Contrasting loose, spontaneous mark-making with obsessive techniques and photo-realist depiction, the resulting images will relate the tragic romanticism of radio astronomers, individuals that spend their lives staring at computer models of places and events impossible to directly experience.

via Frey Norris Gallery

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"super goodkeep it up"

"Im really torn on these- she is obviously a very skilled painter, and her sense of color is really very good,but...she hasnt really integrated the figures (which are also beautifully painted)into her work, they seem 'plopped' on, rather then being a part of the worlds they inhabit. If she learns how to do that, her work would be stunning. I also dont like her attempts at making her paintings look sculptural- I dont think they work on any level- they are a wacky mess of confusion. Better to work out her images on flat surfaces, that is her strong point."

"Love the depth, activity and color in this work. the sprays in the Paintings bring them to life. It's like "champagne art!""

"dear marry annei like yourworks.its open for mind.very good colorswish yougood luckyours sincerelytuvik"

"Contrasts fantasticbest of the best for sureevery investor need one"

"Gripe, bitch and moan if you will. This is wonderful stuff, a creative mix of randomness and control. The color sense is perfection, and the compositional balance is masterful. The concept is unique. Her stamp is indelible. Tell me when you've ever seen something like her work. My only cavil is that it's hard to see a grand message, beyond the obvious whimsy and entertainment value. Masterfully executed, decorative, and captivating. All IMHO."

"i love this work. it is beautiful in a way that you cant even describe. some people might not like it but there is not only one meaning of art. art can be about anything and this art is beautiful."

"Hanley, News flash: Water medium warps paper. If that's a dealbreaker to you, then it appears you don't like massive works on paper. That's like saying "I hate how dimensional sculpture can be sometimes."Warped watercolor paper isn't for everyone, but sizing has nothing to do with it. Some people don't like deckled edges either."

"I think these works are fantastic!It's incredible once you realize that the water medium splats have been painted around and that the gradient backgrounds were applied after the fact. The details are fantastic."

"i saw these works in an exhibit. they were interesting but i was let down to see that the artwork was on paper warped from the water medium(which we see so often and typically). this is so bad and oly shows the lack of technical understanding. I wish the teachers of these"masters" would clue them in to how to size paper."

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