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JJ Sulin  Brooklyn, NY

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About JJ

Brooklyn-based JJ Sulin specialises in portraits, lifestyle, and conceptual photography and has a long list of clients, including Miller, Hard Rock Hotel, BMW Magazine, Nestle, the US Army, and the Joffrey Ballet.

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"Just been on JJ's website. I LOVE his work. He captures contemporary Americana with a Norman Rockwell sensibility. I am inspired!"

"Awesome photographs i love all the people in them! Really nice colors and composistions, funny beautiful, honest and amazing."

"Yay, another Diane Arbus wannabe. Glad it has brought "JJ" such commercial success."


"Enjoyable. I'm not sure if there's intentional satire or empathy. It seems more to me as though these are just captured moments in reality and the judgment of the subjects (rather than the image itself) is coming from the viewer.Keep up the good work."

"Hello - this is JJ Sulin here. First, thanks to Artist A Day for posting my work. Second, I would like to address 1234asdf "My only criticism is that he more often is satiric rather than empathetic with his subjects. I mean he was making fun of them without them knowing it."I know most of the people I photograph (many are friends and family). If I do not know them well I at least have had a conversation with them. All my subjects (other than the commissioned work) possess some characteristic that I am drawn to. The photographs are an attempt to capture or at least point the viewer towards these characteristics. I am very conscientious of what the photograph may imply and work hard to be mindful of my subjects. But, there are many parts to the human experience and I am not romanticizing this. Notions of awkwardness and in-between moments make up a large part of our lives - these are the moments I explore in my photographs."

"I agree 100% w/ 1234asdf ^^^"

"I love pictures of real people. These twins are obviously very proud of their horses. This photo tells a story, and isn't that what we all want? One twin has styled her horse differently than the other twin's horse. One twin seems to be smiling more than the other. Why? This is what is intriguing. The couch photo I did not like. I can't see much of a story there."

"WoW. these are all great paintig!!!"

"pretty lame and cliche."

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