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El Gato Chimney  Milan, Italy

'Secret Pacts'
Watercolor and pencil on cotton paper
'Speak The Truth'
Watercolor and pencil on cotton paper

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About El Gato

About El Gato:

El Gato Chimney was born in 1981 in Milan, where he lives and works.

He started his career as a self-taught artist, developing an early interest in graffiti that made him pursue a successful journey into street art, as evidenced by his presence in leading publications on the subject. As the years went by, thanks to the acquisition of new knowledge and the need to continuously improve his technical skills, the artist began to prefer to work in his studio, dedicating his time to an introspective research to depict immaterial things, such as emotions and inner visions.

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"Anonymous bosch :)"

"Fairy tale land w/ pointy noses. Love it."


"why is there a cat in this PICTURE!?!"

"love the fantastical scene"

"Reminds me of H Bosch with a modern twist"

"Beautiful use f color. Very interesting scene"

"Surrealism with a touch of Bosch"


"somehow their characters remind those of Bosch."

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