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Melissa Haslam  Melbourne, Australia

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About Melissa

By painting exotic yet strangely familiar environments, Australian artist Melissa Haslam offers an escape to a romanticized, whimsical and yet slightly dark interpretation of the world. With an emphasis on narrative theme, her paintings are populated by beautiful, forlorn and mischievous women in fairytale-like scenarios. Combining intricate plant life and figures alike in often haunting landscapes, Melissa draws influence from vintage illustration, botanical art, Victorian painting, and contemporary fashion photography.

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"We have a painting done by ( haslam ,80') its a painting of a beautiful snow white dog and we would like to know if this is one of your painting? we are not sure how to get in contact with yourself"

"very pretty love the ones with the kitties"

"very betiful. every person looks like an angel. you have true talent. it is artist like you that make me feel amazed"

"I love these paintings. They are beautiful."

"These paintins are really nice and pretty. They look very calm and relaxed. Hope you do more."

"These paintings are quite lovely.I love the fairy tale quality they have!"

"Phillip, I don't understand what you're even trying to achieve by coming here and trying to label this as art/fine art/whatever. What are you trying to protect? Surely what is considered art can be in the eye of the beholder. If it moves someone in a particular way and they resonate with it, then they can consider it art. If it doesn't move you, then you don't have to agree, or even step foot in the gallery that's exhibiting it.It's the elitist wank surrounding the art world that hold so many people back from realizing their creative talents. Which I think is really sad. The more artistic expression in the world the better, I think.Beautiful work Mel :)"

"Mel - great work! Very funny comments about you being in it for the money since you moved back home to live like a student, giving up your IT job and living in London .. and as for the fashion show statements, I guess they just don't understand that that's the sort of stuff you wear anyway!I love how much work you've put into your passion. It really shows, and I hope you continue to get the good recognition you deserve :)xox"

"Mel,Very proud of you. Your art is beautiful and I knew it was only time until the world started seeing what a wonderful artist you are. Keep on doing what you are doing.Nomes x"

"Oh, Phil, chill out. Go put on a tutu or a pair of freakishly horrible tights or something. Stick to your ballet, love.Great work, Liss."

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