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Julia Beliaeva  Kiev, Ukraine

'Self portrait'
Paintings on ceramic
'Radio active rabbit'
Paintings on ceramic

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About Julia

Julia Beliaeva is an artist who lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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"doesnt evenlook real"

"This is eerie and confrontational and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT."

"Hello Julia,I was really touched by your portraits from the pediatric cancer hospital .We have such strong a fear of cancer that the children that suffer from it have to deal not only with the difficult treatments but also with isolation.Many times people don't want to enter in to the suffering of the patient or the parent.They are so horrified by the thought of they're child having cancer that they hide they're eyes and the eyes of they're children thinking that if they don't see it it will go away. You have captured the strength,determination, and love of life in children who are dealing with the fight of they're lives.These kids are heroes and deserve recognition instead of being hid away because they're suffering makes us uncomfortable.Thank You,Jim Spaloss"


"I enjoy this piece"

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