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Christian Hetzel  Oberboihingen, Germany

Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas

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About Christian

Christian Hetzel is a painter based in Oberboihingen, Germany. He earned a graduate diploma of medical informatics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Christian explains the work by saying, “My work focuses on texture and abstract color(-field) compositions. Most based on traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper, timber board, painted with acrylic and mixed media. Besides this, I create also intermedial artworks, this means analog paintings are used for digital modifying process to create a total new artwork. Discreet colors, surface structures and textures of the environment and nature inspire me, creating new abstract compositions or restructured textured paintings. One focus of my work are reduced paintings in color and texture. The works reflect my attitude of life and of painting ‘less is more’. In times of overload of visual impressions, I try to send the viewer on a journey of discovery across the painting surface and sensitive him for the few and less in color, structures, cracks and textures.”

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"what medium does christian hetzel usually use with acrylics?"

"Attempting to find best way to contact artist or gallery for pieces, I am a residential interior designer in Los Angeles. Thank you."

"I am desperately trying to contact a gallery that represents Christian Hetzel work I would love to buy some pieces but , would love to see some in person . Kind regards Dara o nuallain"

"amazing social commentary on the eye of the beholder and the effect of social interactions and how they play a part in the dull grey of mundane society due to the overwhelming qualities of living within a capitalistic society."

"What brand of acrylic paint does Christian Hetzel use?"

"What brand of acrylic paint oes chrisian hetzel use?"


"BRRRRRRRRRRR! but nice, very nice!"

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