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Arthur Brouthers  Charlotte, NC

'Hidden Ubiquity'
Mixed media on wood
'Sub Elevation'
Mixed media on wood

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About Arthur

Arthur Brouthers is well known in the world of social media as a pioneer of an abstract fluid painting technique that achieves “fluid like cells”, with the use of acrylic paints and other chemical agents. In his figurative works, these unconventional methods are used as bottom layers or the “skins” of his subjects. Arthur uses anywhere from 4 to 15 layers of clear resin between layers of acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and spray paint to show depth, giving a 3D effect.

His current studio is located in an unused historical gothic church in Uptown Charlotte NC.

Arthur explains the work by saying, “My work is inspired by the individuality of all physical things and energies found in the natural world. Regardless of their differences, everything has the ability to exist harmoniously; plants, animals, rock formations, stars, gases, and all there is. When painting abstracts I attempt to mimic those inconsistent laws of perfection.”

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2 comments from the artist

"Dominickrogme,Shoot me a message through my site and I'll give you more info ;-)"

"Dominickrogme,Thanks :-) Using cups, spoons, and other makeshift dispensing tools and literally pour each layer of paint to achieve the desired result."

10 reactions from users displayed

"Beautiful colors!"

"looks like a crazy science experiment"

"Beautiful color but I want to know what it is made of... it almost looks like a chemical reaction of sorts."


"Breathtaking and stunning/incredible use of color and everything really. Do you ever teach or have an instructional video ? I realize how many years you have experimented ,but could you share what oil you use in the process ?Love,love love your work. thank-you....Carine"

"Very cool. So there's probably a pretty thick layer of paint before your done, right? And is the surface textured or smooth? I would love to see how you do this but I bet the video would have to be sped up considerably. Also, I was wondering what the pricing is for one of you're smaller pieces. I noticed some were sold on your website but couldn't find the price."

"Incredible! I've never been so inspired by abstract art! What do you mean by "slow-pouring technique"? I'm curious how much of this was planned and how much was just a beautiful accident."


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