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Guest curator: Arthur Brouthers  
Founder Culture Initiative, Artist

About Arthur

Born in Charleston, SC, Arthur Brouthers always remembered being creative. Not having the resources to pursue his desired art education, he settled for a degree in graphic arts. As a way of rebelling against his upbringing, Arthur followed a successful musical career. Though this lifestyle provided him with a creative outlet, he knew something was missing. He dove back into art and painting in 2005. Teaming up with a fellow art enthusiast, they created a successful organization called Culture Initiative in Charlotte, NC. CI was a creative forum and platform for regional artists. Organizing over 30 exhibitions in 5 years was a tremendous learning experience. Though he loved helping other creatives find their voice, Arthur used this inspiration to concentrate his efforts on a full time path as an artist.

Arthur's selections

Cinta Vidal

Cardedeu, Spain


I could stare at Cinta’s work for days. She takes architectural design, imagination, and perspective to a whole new level. The idea behind her work is simple and insightful. We all live in this physical reality together, yet we all have our own views and ways of living.


Martine Johanna

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Martine is an artist I recently started following about a year ago. Her subjects are primarily females, dazed in contemplative dream-like states. What really draws me in is her use of vibrant, sometimes fluorescent, colors to show direction of light and shadow.


Crystal Wagner

Harrisburg, PA


I first saw Crystal's work in person this year at Art on Paper in NYC. In my opinion, she was easily the most impressive artist at this particular fair. Her large scale installations leave you wondering how a single human being could be responsible for such a thing. Don’t sleep on the opportunity to see anything by her.


Alexandra Loesser

Charlotte, NC


Alexandra is one of those artists whose work you gravitate to in a room filled with other art. Her earthy colors, soft expressive brush strokes, and unlikely combinations found in the natural world are truly magical. Investing in one of her pieces would be a smart move at this point in her career.


Stephen Wilson

Charlotte, NC


Steve has to be the most determined and motivated individual I know. Over the last decade he’s built a massive embroidery design company from the ground up, and recently taken his knowledge of the industry to plunge head first into the contemporary art world. See his latest works at Scope Miami 2016.


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