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Metrov  Santa Barbara, CA

'Portrait of the Artist’s Wife as Sphinx Contemplating the Undimensionality of Polka Dots Scattered Amongst Anti-matter.'
Acrylic & Oil Pastels on Archival Photograph and wood panels
'Portrait of the Artist’s Wife Happy about the Previous Evening’s Dinner Party and the Imminent Arrival of Her New Make-up Order It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better.'
Acrylic & Oil Pastels on Archival Photograph

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About Metrov

For over 35 years, Metrov has been an iconic fine arts painter and filmmaker whose work is known and enjoyed around the world. He is also an author, environment & health advocate, husband, vegan, organic gardener, cat-owner, and Nature Lover who lives in Santa Barbara, California.

He describes his work by saying, “Artists are not Human. A true artist is a juggling instrument, his art a mosh of intellect, emotion, and intuition. No matter what brush I use, my work will always derive from current technology (intellect), my compulsion to engage in the Great Conversation of Contemporary Art (emotion), and the status of my own personal growth (intuition). My job is to blend all that… to make something that provides me and my audience with clues to becoming Human.”

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