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Cary Reeder  Houston, TX

'Left behind'
Oil on canvas
'Just peachy'
Acrylic on Canvas

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About Cary

Cary Reeder was born in Miami, Florida and now lives and works in Houston, TX. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. She later attended the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Cary explains her work by saying, “As an artist, I am drawn to the old, the worn, and the creaky. My most recent paintings are inspired by my historic neighborhood which has undergone significant gentrification, resulting in the demolition of many old houses. With this, I feel a weighty sense of emotion over the loss of history, stories, and a sense of place. Moreover, I am entranced by the mundane beauty of these houses and by the mysteries that lie behind each closed door and drawn blind. With each painting, my aim is to create a scene that conjures up a forgotten, or likely, an imagined past, and to create a mood and atmosphere that leaves the viewer unsettled and questioning. In my work, old houses and buildings become more than simple structures; they are repositories of secrets and losses, and hold the imprints of countless lives lived.”

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'House And Home'



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"Hi Jennifer,Thanks so much for your nice comments! A lot of people see New England in my work and I always love hearing about different interpretations. I think a little bit of everything in my life influences my work! Take care,Cary"

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":) vortex of lines"

"plan and siple. I like it"

"Carrie,5 stars - I love the house pictures - Maybe influenced by your Urban Planning background. Great use of pink.I didn't see loss in the paintings, but lovely beach houses that could be near the shore in New England and others that could be in New England neighborhoods (but neighborhood houses are not usually painted bright colors here).Plan to check out your website and your blog further."

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