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Caio Locke  London, UK

Oil and acrylic on canvas
'Yellow Gate Water Door'
Acrylic on canvas

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About Caio

Working in numerous materials, London based artist Caio Locke explores space to create otherworldly art works.

Caio explains the work by saying, “Using acrylics and oils, I explore the notion of the city as a physical manifestation of collective human nature and consciousness, as distinct from pre-existing natural forms, but in certain ways echoing them. Avoiding depiction of the human condition in the context of pain, suffering, tragicomedy or dysfunction, the paintings invite the mind of the viewer into consideration of alternative propositions and meditative contemplation. Historical, modern and futuristic references combine to induce a sense of fractal time caught in frozen motion, whilst detailed vignettes draw the eye deeply into the compositions. Time, light, energy, atmosphere and human existence bound within this matrix are constant themes, while the use of multiple perspectives provides depths in which these elements interact.”

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"Love the colors Makes it so inviting and happy and candy like"

"Like MC Escher and HG Wells collaborated on a futuristic redux of "Where's Waldo." Meticulous, obsessive and with an almost autistic attention to detail. One could look at this picture for a very long time and still not see everything. Indulge in some stoner rock and your finest indica, and this painting will keep you occupied the whole weekend."


"Love the business.....And the pastel colors really softens the view.."

"WOW this piece has so many details and so many creative ideas all put together to create an amazing masterpiece"

"Amazing... the color scheme is serene yet the subject is busy and surreal. Love it!"

"This artist is very good and puts a lot of detail in their art. #amazingart/artist"

"Rio in like 75 years"


"It is vewy colorfull"

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