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James Tebbutt  Northampton, UK

'Mary Had a Little Lamb'
Oil and acrylic on canvas
'Katy and Franklin'
Oil, acrylic and emulsion on canvas

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About James

James Tebbutt was born in Northampton, England in 1980. In 1998 he went to The University of Northampton to study a Foundation Course in Art & Design. After finishing the course James moved on to Coventry University to complete a BA in Fine Art, where he specialized in painting.

Since finishing his degree, James has continued to paint, producing a steady stream of work and continually developing his practice whilst taking part in various shows around the country and completing numerous commissions for magazines and private as well as corporate clients.

James describes his work by saying, “My current work demonstrates my ongoing exploration of the medium of paint. Varying styles of paint application – the drip the splatter, the expressionistically painted, the flat, the cartoon like, the smooth, the rough, all created with different types of paint, jostle for position on the finished canvas, desperate for a place in the ‘final cut’. Areas of paint, objects and various marks are laid down as I work then perhaps painted out as the work evolves and the composition develops. Happy accidents are as an integral part of the work as the clean and crisp or the neatly painted, one offsetting the other. The process of painting being equal too if not more significant than the chosen visual references and motifs.”

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9 reactions displayed

"Love the realism and the cartoonish way. The colorfulness is great. It is party like yet real. Why is the buck there?"

"I think I need a shot of insulin..."

"The elementary art teacher in me LOVES this work for its bright colors and whimsical scene. <3"


"I think this artist is very talented. This piece is very radical and colorful and I like it a lot."

"Nice colors!"

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