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Laura McCabe  Brooklyn, NY

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About Laura

Laura McCabe works in pen and ink, gouache and acrylic on paper. Her images are almost dream-like with combination of vivid colors with odd, and at times dark, imagery. She combines the natural world with man made objects, the realistic with the impossible, and the fantastical with the everyday to communicate a story or emotion to the viewer.

Laura went to school for illustration at Pratt Institute and graduated with honors in 2007. Since then she has made some artwork for album covers and her drawings have appeared in publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle and Tin House Magazine.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Laura also lived briefly in Germany while she was a teenager. She has lived in New York City since 2001 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

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"I really like the transparency in some of the objects. i get confused if the bird is trying to pull the thread out or wove it through the tree like building a nest. Both pieces are amazing. The motion in the second one is wonderful but the circles kind of distract me. I really like the blue and pink together in the bird piece."

"i love your work. very imaginative. keep working your a talented young women."

"I love the colors and all the features I love this painting it expresses so much"

"Hi, I'm 14 and i loooovee your work. Its so inspiring and so uplifting. I rrrreeally like the use of color and of good and bad. in both paintings. (if thats what you were going for).. Just wanted to say. its ah-mazinggg!"

"Love the colors and brillance of the picture even the dark colors dont give me a sense of darkness or gloom, overall a the picture gives me a sense of peace and a uplifting feeling."

"WOW! These are both incredible. I love them both. The one with the bird, the tree & the spool reminds me of an emotion I feel quite often. It is quite difficult for me to put into words but your painting says it in a manner that words would find difficult."

"wow this is a truly inspiring piece! this portrays such emotion so simply. well done!"

"This is adorable"

"Rather arrogant, I think, to be telling an artist what imagery she "should" be using, or to suggest she should consider changing herself and her work to suit one other person's tastes.Let her speak as she is, and take it or leave it as you find it. Yes, artists tend to need feedback, but they do not need their vocabulary dictated to them."

"The picture of the bees and the house said "hive" to me. It suggests that peoples' homes are like a bee hive. The simplicity of the colors choice plays with how complicated home life is. Some homes with the controlled persicion of octagonal bees wax and others more a swarm of motion and activities. It's an interesting thought. The bird suggests a struggle against oneself. I noticed the thread is unattached to the spool, yet the bird wants it even though it's wound through the branches and difficult to untangle. Reminds me of men:-) I always wanted the rebellious unobtainable ones while the easy ones were never very interesting. The bird has a lot of control, huh?"

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