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Charming Baker  London, UK

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About Charming

Charming lists cheap books, heroes, girls, Zulus, odd looking women, suburbia, da riddum, family, stories, horses and dogs humping (but not each other), packaging, summer holidays, the smell of make up and cheap perfume, powertools, tea, tomatoes and Britain In Colour as influences.

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"that's why i'm love art because it put your mind on thinking, i like this art very much!"


"Good work!....thanks for sharing."

"this stuff is pretty good, but damn your website design is horrible!get a much better site dood.(i like your work though)"

"Gorgeously rendered, love the nod to Escher in the first.. but I find it interesting the it takes it a little further with the idea of the second being "stripped".. and I love the mood and imagery in the second. Beautiful pieces."

"La manera divertida lo que un pintor!"

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