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Wyatt Mills  Los Angeles, CA

'Happily Ever After'
Oil and mixed media
'Dreams Do Come True'
Mixed Media

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About Wyatt

Wyatt Mills lives and works in Los Angeles and earned a BFA with Honors in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

Mills orchestrates a wild juxtaposition of our physical and digital realities using visceral brushstrokes, newspaper snippets, gossip magazines, and vintage propaganda to recreate our past like a flickering memory of a dream. His aggressive application and bold colors confront the viewer, shaking them out of their passive role. Mills aims to evoke an individual voyeuristic indulgence that can be telling and revealing of one’s subliminal mindset. Mills portrays how the conflict of physical and digital reality has become a purgatory of our attention span, making it hard to truly focus on one individually because of their never-ending intersecting and interrupting of one another.

Wyatt explains the work by saying, “I want viewers to walk away with a loss of social reservation and an expansion of their inner dialogue. All paintings are better described as entities that propose unto viewers a private debate of which social boundaries they may find hideous, captivating, offensive, or attractive, leading to an invitation to explore why.”

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