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Maria Teicher  Philadelphia, PA

'The Amber of The Moment'
Oil on mylar mounted to wood
Oil on wood panel

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About Maria

Maria Teicher is a fine art portrait and figurative artist residing in Philadelphia, PA. Using historical and personal symbolism, her works blends together contemporary concepts and an honest connection with those around her.

Maria explains the work by saying, “My interests lie with the stories, experiences and emotional states of those I have a close relationship with. Using portraiture and narrative images, I explore these sincere realities through sentiment and symbolism. In my work, historical and personal symbolic artifacts, such as braids and veils, marry the subject’s voice, how I see them and their connection to the world.”

Recommended by our guest curators

Lawren Alice

Co-founder/Curator, Arch Enemy Arts

"If the word 'awesome' has the definition of inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, and causing or inducing awe, Maria's work is definitely 100% AWESOME in every way. I think of her as an art superhero of sorts. Rather than having the power of flight or mind reading, Maria's art superpower is her uncanny eagle-eye ability to see and paint rainbows of color in flesh tones. Her ridiculous attention to color palette and detail has always completely blown my mind. Plus, for the amount of time she takes to painstakingly paint each crease and crevasse in her plastic bag portraits, the girl must have the patience of a saint."

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"amazing detail. Great perspective."

"very cool."

"very good"

"Exceptional work!"

"Not my favoret"

"I like this very much. There is a strong sense of warm and cold within the painting. The hands are done beautifully."

"Great detail!"

"Great macabre art with great tinge of death. Celebration of murderous artistic act?"

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