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Elizabeth Kostojohn  Arlington, MA

'Are You Still There? #4'
Graphite on mylar
'Are You Still There? #1'
Graphite on mylar

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kostojohn earned a B.A. in Architecture from Lehigh University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth explains the work by saying, “Drawing has become an escape and a meditation. My process for drawing is similar to watching an image develop in a photography darkroom. The slow accumulation of marks gradually creates areas of density. My work is contemplative, not impulsive. It is an oasis in a frenetic society. Shifting my focus from my career as an architect to my family, and ultimately, to myself has opened an enormous depth of field. I now notice what lies immediately before me as well as what lies far ahead. Holding the past/present/future in my view almost stops time and has given me the space to simply think. I intend for my work to capture a moment and to provoke a physical and mental pause in the viewer.”

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