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Cobi Moules  Boston, MA

'Untitled (La Verkin Creek)'
Oil on canvas
'Untitled (Kaaterskill Falls)'
Oil on canvas

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About Cobi

Cobi Moules earned a BFA from San Jose State University and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Driven by the desire for adventure and discovery, Cobi Moules set out across America not only to explore the country’s natural beauty and diversity, but also to reflect upon his position within it. Moules’ study of the grand American landscape quickly conjures up images and iconography from a plethora of historical landscape paintings, most notably mid-19th century American landscape paintings.

Loosely utilizing the Hudson River School as a visual point of departure, Moules metaphorically utilizes the landscape as a stand-in for his own Christian upbringing. His compositions contain a multitude of self-portraits and narratives, each coexisting to create a parallel and/or alternate plane that invokes a sense of excitement, self-worth and play. Through the multiplication and overwhelming presence of his ‘self’ within the paintings, Moules takes precedence over the landscape, fully integrating himself into an art historical lexicon that typically exemplifies the insignificance of the individual and the manifestation of God.

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"On his site Mr. Moules presents a very artistically competent body of work, but it is so self indulgent as to border on the ego-maniacal. re: this projectThe landscapes are admirable,but, the artist has turned them into "Where's Waldo". Rather than demonstrate the insignificance of the individual it thrusts his presence (butt cracks and all) on the viewer. I just wonder how necessary that element really is or if the painter went about it in the most effective way."

"I was able to see Cobi's work in person at the Bemis, his paintings are amazing!"

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