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Aaron Jasinski  Seattle, WA

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About Aaron

Aaron graduated from Brigham Young University with an BFA in art and design. He is currently based in Seattle, Washington where he works as an illustrator and artist. His paintings are primarily figurative, frequently focused on conveying the emotions of his chosen subjects. The bold color schemes of his compositions are undoubtedly the most obviously striking feature of his work, but the the expressive faces and postures of his subjects are what enable viewers to connect with his work on a personal level.

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'Spaced Out'

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"Excellent combination of ideas,forms and colors!Wellcome in the 21st of century.All the best, Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik,MD,Pula/Croatia"

"AWESOME!!!! These im ages are really really really cool! :) :) :) :) :) :)"

"The paintings remember Amanda Nebiolo's paintings. Her artistic style use different techniques to elaborate every subject, that is produced as charcoal drawing with chalk and ochre on parcel paper, as well as oil painting with metal leaves on canvas. Her paintings portray almost exclusively people: soft, sensual women, with intense faces and eyes; elegant men with undefined faces (the dandies inspired by her favourite writer, Oscar Wilde), but also derelict people (the suffering humanity that the artist, who supports Amnesty International, cares for).Amanda Nebiolo feels that the oil on canvas "La seduttrice" (The seductive woman), is her most rapresentative artwork. "It's on a wall in my house. In some hours of the day, the light filtering from the window alter the woman's face on the canvas, making her seem demoniac. Then the light changes again and the woman's face comes back to the original features. It's only the result of the changing lights, but in them I see every day two sides of the same soul on the wall""

"Aaron's work is not only expansive but his imagination and technique bring his images alive."


"the red colored painting is the work of a master. not less.I can't believe I can view this on a Google gadget on my desktop."

"OOO sexy i love the concepts"

"you people have some good drawin"

"Yes, I like the use of color very much. That is my favorite part. But the lonely robots are sad even if they are caught at transforming moments."

"I want to be painted into your paintings.Amazing work."

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