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Nicole Jacquard  Bloomington, IN

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About Nicole

There are jewelry artists and then there are jewelry artists like Nicole Jacquard. Her work could just as easily adorn your wall as it could you body. She describes the piece below “The Magic Month” by saying “the piece represents a particular moment in time, one poignant and pivotal as a series of events that all collided”. It’s made of of wood, 18k gold, steel and plexi-glass.

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"I’m totally impressed, I was when I were a younger man and I totally am today. I’ve worked in the metal industry my entire adult life. I was intrigued by your lamp shades, made for a friend in the 80’s. I knew you were a genuine artisan then and now that I’ve seen your work, furthermore, recognize your incredible gift towards the fine arts. Stephen."

"Interesting from what I can see of the work. Very slick. Eerily emotive at one moment, and nearly sterile, the next. Unfortuneately, the photo does not do it justice, as the detail of the metal work on the base is difficult to see. Are you familiar with the work of the late Hollis Sigler? She also created narratives of certain moments in her life."

"nice piece.lovely concept of a website!i'll link you up to my artmaker blog under art communities!i'll be back!"

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