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Joelle Dietrick  Tallahassee, FL

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About Joelle

My practice produces artworks in a variety of media and investigates the journeys of female expatriates as a way to focus on the poetics and politics of home. By manipulating imagery and audio related to the domestic spaces, warp geography, and floating figures, I draw attention to the psychological impact of transitional moves, the demands of an international career, and the possible damage a fast-paced life often has on both the participant and those not able to participate.

Captivated by a subculture of highly creative, adventurous women and their original ideas about place, I retell their stories with a mix of historical context, critical awareness, and aesthetic play. The work gives clarity to the role that the women play in the international scene of the 21st century.

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"Thanks for the feedback. More about the Female Expat Project is also at I'll be updating both sites with new work in the next month."

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"i love the drawing..I love to draw also 3-d dimensional"

"At last something that that enables me to see rte from spain!"

"Yes! an app that that enables me to see sky abroad!"

"Dear Dietrick,Did you study at Penn State?"

"i love this concept of exploring migratory self and translating this unto images that overlap each other transparently as though space and time also overlap. like you can fold space and time. then looking at the graphics, you wonder which image came first. which is the foreground? which is the background? hence, as looker you also negotiate your way of seeing space just like how these women expatriates continously negotiate spaces themselves. these are my comments. hope i didn't blabber too much. :-)"

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