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Steven Labadessa  Ann Arbor, MI

'Composite (Antler Series 3)'
Oil on copper
'Fairy tail 1'
Oil on paper

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About Steven

Steven Labadessa earned a BA with honors in Fine Arts (Drawing) from Brooklyn College and a MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania. He lives and works in Ann Arbor, MI.

Steven explains his work by saying, “I exact a preference for hyperbole and “psychological” texture in my work. It comes, as most art forms, from reflections on my life (episodes, experiences, etc.). And, it is imagery that I explore specific to painting within the confines of self-portraiture that typically runs counter to modern western notions of beauty. I re-render the flesh of friends and relations (lasting & temporary) serving as a surrogate for me by “compositing” my imagery from a variety of observed, imaginary and digital sources. In so doing, I seek to continue to resolve/meld both “low” and “high” influences with a conscious restraint airing on subtlety to yield tension.”

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8 reactions displayed

"heywe miss you. are you still in Ann Arbor. I really enjoyed the drawing classes"

"Your work gives hope that there are still artists out there that are able to sensitively and beautifully render the human form, and that are able to effectively use realism to provoke deep feelings and insight. The subject matter is somewhat surrealist while at the same time disturbing in its sense of being of the real world. I hope you continue on your artistic voyage and am curious to see what is to come..."

"The theme seems to be ugliness. Often this is juxtaposed with a kind of formal esthetic or material beauty. This is, however, not."

"I like your work - interesting and nice brushwork"

"not my taste"

"very cool"

"the first on looks like grandma murdered someone or painted something NOT JUDGING just guessing.on the last one i have no words no offense i am just one of the people who doesn't get your art i guess."

"A bit creepy"

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