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Mihailo Tikalo  Belgrade, Serbia

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About Mihailo

Mihailo Tikalo was born in Cacak, Serbia and now lives and works in Belgrade.

Mihailo explains his work by saying, “My work is burdened by tradition and longings for some old paintings. But my best paintings are those whispered by craziness and accomplished by intelligence. I search looking for the one particular world, the world illuminated by God’s grace in which to start all over again. I will find everything.”

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"For any contact and question please mail to"

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"Unbelievable! what an artist! This is beyond beautiful! I am really impressed! Continue like this!"

"I've been to many of his exibitions being that we are countryman, and you should really see these epic works of art standing just few inches away. Now i can contact Tikalo, and newly Featured KUSMUK if you are relactant to pay roaming cell phone prices. If anyone wants more info feel free to contact."

"I am amazed! This is absolutely fabulous! I cannot stop looking! does anyone know if there is something for sale? what are the prices?"



"Thank you for sharing your works. I find your pieces to be classic, strong and innovative. My bit of crazy allows me to connect to the brillance that is you. I love that when i come back to one of your pieces i am always surpised to find something new. Continue bless the world with your creativity and magic."

"I like your work. It's informative and thoughtprovoking."

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