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Simon McCheung  London, UK

'Discovering grace'
'Somewhere that matters'

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About Simon

Simon is a self-taught photographer based in London. Born on 1983 in UK, Simon captures emotional moments of dreams and distills them in time to portray the real beauty of a dream experience.

Simon’s work has been featured in a number of publications, such as Vogue Italia, Saatchi Online, My Modern Metropolis, Phlearn, Dodho and Worbz.

He’s also won numerous awards from his participation in numerous creative projects including 3 BAFTAs, London International Awards, BIMA, and The Webby Awards.

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"Excellent photo and theme"

"From the works shown on the artist's website, I find his Portrait works more compelling than the works in his Fine Art category (i.e. the category from which come the two examples shown here.)"

"that is so cool"

"Discovering Grace. Very nicely done."

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