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Andrea Canalito  Houston, TX

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About Andrea

Installation artist Andrea Canalito plays with propositions of nature and vulnerability, exploitation and hope, victims and victors regarding the complex relationships between the human and the animal.

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"I think these are successful. For me they say something about the schizophrenic way we humans view animals. We assign cuteness to them, which makes them vulnerable, and at the same time we can slaughter and eat them. Most of us have a hard time killing animals, but no problem with eating them. The deer are literally stuck in the sweetness that envelopes them. I would like to know what the materials used are and the scale."

"Well it seems to me all this negativity is spoiling the cupcakes, for all who have commented in a negative manner you know nothing about installations as art, you are not hanging this in your house it is to be view in this spot like the way it is shown. You guys have a very narrow perspective on art, Art is not just for walls and shelves, Andrea put alot of work into these and it is a shame to be bashed by the ignorant."

"these aren't real cupcakes. they are sculptures, obviously over a foot tall. look at them compared to the wall/baseboard in the background."

"I get the symbolism; however, I shudder to think this is considered an "art" form...what a crock!"

"Hey naysayers. This is no ordinary art. This is food art. Food art with ANimals in it. I have NEVER been so hungry looking at ART. This food art (fart) is extraordinary. Andrea went to great lengths to bake this piece of work. Think of the time, the commitment, and the THOUGHT that went into her masterpiece. It doesn't matter that it came from a "just-add-water" recipe from a betty crocker instant cupcake mix. it doesn't matter that I could have thought of it. It doesn't even matter that the only thing left in a WEEK of this project will be trash and photos. No. What matters, is this ART and the HEART. and it's edible. Incredible."

"I love the fact that they are in a herd,and interacting with one another. somehow it wouldn't have the same impact if it was just one or two..."

"OMG this is brilliant. so cute and artistic."You have to be kidding me! You consider this art? Anyone can bake a cupcake put a toy plastic animal in it and call theirself an artist. How much talent ot imagination does this take!Give me a break!"hey buddy next time you have a random idea make it into art, and watch you fail hard. this was an excelent idea and trashing "random" art like this is just ignorant."

"Very nice work. It can say alot. To me it shows the vulnerability of a deer, or any animal for that matter. The relationship?human:cupcakepredator:deer"

"awesome pictures dude"

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