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Mike Bertino  Pasadena, CA

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About Mike

By removing the line that separates fact and entertainment, expertise and the uneducated, Mike Bertino layers commentary and insight on a generation raised by cartoons, video games, and media. He creates a world so overloaded with cultural options and noise, all information is equalized in strength of voice and merit. A world where aesthetics and charisma determine truth so harshly, that self-worth, cultural-history, and reality give way to interpretation and a void of intellectual neglect.

He has a great blog as well here.

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"We as viewers are forced to become voyeurs, watching the lady with her pants down, she is defeneless; caught by the all seeing eye and by any passerby. A conceptual reminder of Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon.The tension is heightened by the smarmy onlooker and the cartoonish hard edge art style"

"Mike is my cousin, and he doesnt do drugs XD He is alot of fun to hang out with. he is an awsome artist and i really look up to him"

"there's this one piece you have a hawk super hero frying a dude's face with his hands. i want to own this."

"Looks like an visual abstract of a future Wes Anderson film."

"Great stuff--love the streaming colors, the animal hat. Your stuff with the bicycles on your blog is tooooo coool also."

"When I first saw this picture, I thought the girl in leg warmers was going to the bathroom. The leg warmers kind of look like pants pulled down at a glance"

"I do not know where to begin....the leg warmers, Chuck Taylors, Scooby-Dooesque Crab monster, bunny ears on the hoodie, or the eye-black (red actually). Is he on a ski slope? At least he's "enjoying the ride.""

"wow!! what an awesome artist!! this is extremely nice!! i sure hope the artist doesn't do drugs, that would be disappointing."

"superduper. i enjoyed looking at your stuff."

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