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Lyle Motley  Denver, CO

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About Lyle

Lyle is a oil painter, drawer, and tinkerer from the super fantastic, state of Colorado. A full time painter since 2006, his work has shown up in galleries from Los Angeles, to Chicago in the past few years. With his beginnings in ceramics and sculpture , years writing and playing music with the Lyle and Sparkleface Band, commercial and editorial illustrations , murals in Flagstaff AZ and Salida CO , a love of the outdoors, aimless wanderings and adventures around the west, life in the city and the middle of nowhere, all the wackiness of being a dad, and a mind operating without enough sleep, it is not surprising that his work has become a unique blend drawing on many sources. Most importantly though, Lyle is completely obsessed with smearing paint on things, and when he is not smearing, he is fascinated by the light bouncing off the stuff that is all around him.

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"I was in Absolute Bike Shop in Flagstaff do you sell prints of the work hanging in the shop. Great work please let me know."

"Bright, vivid, three demensional."

"btw how cool are these paintings? hearts pure and complications with the deeds of the hands. so beautiful and haunting really. If you've ever been in love and also conflicted this makes sense."

"ummm... because we're human and art is our reflection... and ummm we always want it to be better than it is... or can't see it as beautiful until later...... we maybe focus on what we see as defects... when really it's what we love.... just like you focus on the details of things you don't like about people's comments... or ellipses... or whatever it is that like rubs ya. hear the cosmic laugh."

"Real looking cartoon people. I love the coloring of their faces. Very nice."

"I think Lyle Motley is fantastic! I love that his subjects have a sweet innocence and sense of hope in their eyes. They seem peaceful and content in their actions and remind us that life is good and beautiful..which is something that is so easily forgotten in the chaos of the day."

"I??ll tell you why, Kim. It's because world-weary know-it-alls are afraid to admit that humanity didn??t stop evolving upon their arrival. While some are put off by big eyes and a consistent style, I am welcomed by expression and movement and a lovely palette. Those eyes draw me close and I am cheek to cheek with Mr. Motley??s subjects. There??s sadness in those eyes, and storm clouds are gathering, but cheeks are rosy and I can??t help feeling a little hopeful. Does seduction by imagery and storytelling paint me as shallow? I believe that you??re just as likely to find some level of complexity and heartache listening to the This American Life or NPR as you will reading about Asahina Daigo or watching Naruto on the Cartoon Network. Mr. Motley is a talented artist and I look forward to experiencing his work in a future rendered less bleak by his beautiful images."

"why does everyone have to have some sort of advising opinion can't anyone just take it in and leave it at that"

"These painters and other successful artist of their age group make me feel old. I don't like all this cartoony art, the big eyes. the consistent style. But this artist like the others is successful. I want serious subjects. But these artist want nothing more serious than the cartoon channel. What a delimma. Must keep searching, must keep seeking. Jeff Koons, Manga, what have you done to contemporary art?"

"I wonder about the significance of one person having their eyes closed and the squiggly form in the forefront of both pieces."

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