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Caleb Brown  New York, NY

'Shark Drop 3'
Oil on canvas
'Shark Drop 1'
Oil on canvas

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About Caleb

Caleb Brown was born in Washington State where he was raised and started drawing and painting at a very young age. Caleb attended the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA where he earned a Bachelor of Arts with a studio art major. He continued his education at Boston University from which he was awarded a Master of Fine Arts in painting in 2007.

Caleb describes his work by saying, “My paintings are cultural allegories that aim to reflect my view of the modern world. My conceptual process begins by selecting themes and elements of contemporary life (such as media culture, genetic engineering, globalization, etc.)which seem important and interesting to me. I then combine and expand those components into completely ridiculous scenes that depict a fictitious near-future or alternate reality. I attempt to balance the utter implausibility of these scenes by painting them as convincingly as I can. I have, over time, developed these images into several reoccurring motifs that continue to describe more fully a world that reflects (and develops parallel to) the ‘real world.’
My hope is that by employing this editorial and often satirical method of expression, rather than using a more journalistic approach, I might communicate my observations and feelings about our modern existence more aptly than by painting actual images of contemporary life.”

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