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Brian Tull  Nashville, TN

'1635 miles'
Oil and acrylic on aluminum panel
'Before California'
Oil and acrylic on panel

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About Brian

Nashville, Tennessee based artist Brian Tull uses both oil and acrylic paint to create photorealistic images that embody a tone of wistfulness, nostalgia, and ease through allegory. As a self-taught artist, he has a technical sophistication that is so impressive and alluring it’s hard to not look at the work and wonder how someone could possibly create such an image by hand. Tull’s work combines his fascination of a bygone era, a time that he believes to have been “…simple, more genuine and honest,” with his truly sensational ability to render the real world.

Brian describes his work by saying, “Born in 1975, the only option I have to remember the 1940’s and ‘50’s, is through my imagination. I let my mind visit the people, their era, stories and photographs, then I translate my own narrative through painting. Headlights on a two-lane highway, sun rays through trees, trains on a rainy night. They come from small towns and large towns. I see paintings in folk songs from the ‘30’s, passersby on the streets, and in the gospel the preacher talked about on Sunday morning. Ideas for my paintings come from the past and present, from all things nostalgic. My strategically cropped paintings in oil and acrylic are sometimes confrontational and often feature the female figure as protagonist, giving you a subtle glimpse into the characters’ lives. Usually leaving you wondering what or who is beyond the edges, you might find yourself squinting to see what’s being reflected in the gleaming chrome in some of my pieces. More hints about the setting might be found by studying a car in the painting, or a woman’s dress, shoes, or jewelry; the color of her lipstick. My compositions can range from graphic-oriented realism with images rich in unmixed color and bound by hard edges, to true photorealism using original, staged photographs as source material. Staging the photograph for the painting reference is essential, as I rarely change anything throughout the painting process. Everything must be period correct.”

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2 comments from the artist

"Bob, Tinney Contemporary represents me in Nashville.Email brian@briantull and I'll send you information on the panels I use.Again, thanks to Artistaday for the feature and to everyone for the nice comments!"

"Thanks so much for the kind comments, everyone! Also, thank you, artistaday!Thanks to lots of blessings and answered prayers, I've been painting full time since 2007. I enjoy pushing my work to the next level every day, and sharing it with you all."

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"Marvelous..!!Is it really paintings...!!!!!!!!!Man you are just awesome.."

"OMG your paintings have a soul ! It is like being bring there again."

"Is there a gallery in Nashville displaying your art? Not that I could afford it.Where does someone get aluminum panels?Bob"

"Brian Tull certainly paints from my era and also he has a sense of correctness with it!I graduated from High School in 1957 and I can tell you exactly where I was , who I was with , when I first heard Flvis sing " Don't Be Cruel" on my '49 Ford hot rod radio. The greatest times in America, WOW!A town of 47,000 thousand in Kansas, mid-America and we did'nt even lock our house or pickup truck full of tools in front of the house. American's had honor, What has happened to us???Sonny"

"Strongest paintings we've seen on this site in some time. Excellent work. Powerful composition. Exquisite execution. Well done!"

"wow, that's amazing. I thought for sure it was a photo, you got me!"

"Yeah, you've got it, Mr. Tull! Born in '52 this was the time and the place is photo-real... I walked to school as a lad mesmerized by these cars, as I memorized the brands and insignias of them all! The women looked that way, as well. My pa had a straight-eight, super-chief Pontiac sedan in white with a green visor! He never stopped recalling the auto's grandeur. I love and miss It All, to this very day. Thanks for the neo-nostalgia journey back! Robert"


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