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Dan Colcer  Dallas, TX

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About Dan

Dan has had over 30 group exhibitions in Romania and abroad, Art Festivals, Art Camps, and Bienalle for ceramics and 5 personal exhibitions in Bucharest, Brasov, and Cairo. He’s a member of the Romanian Artists Union since 2000 and has works in personal collections in Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Romania and France.

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"this art pices is so good it tells about over populated city about citykids i love it"

"I really enjoyed the break from reality. Thanks."

"these are really cool! :):):)"

"Jesus Christ this is amazing. bump it up to number 1 now! i would love to stare at one of these in my homes and look at all the cool little figures. i want these up on the streets where everyone can admire them"

"Awesome ...Like to see more (Jony shoes )"

" the colors and details..."

"finally,"concerte" is geting up there,love that....."

"Well done dude! Congratz! I'm really proud to know you! :)"

"impressive! I like the theme with the faces :):)"

"Really love this! It looks like it was painted on wood - the texture you have achieved is amazing!"

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