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Jonathan Collis  San Francisco, CA

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About Jonathan

Jonathan Collis received his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from The University of Oklahoma, where he studied under the Cheyenne artist/activist Hachivi Edgar Heaps of Birds.

Collis earned his MFA in 2001 from The San Francisco Art Institute, where he studied the historical methods and materials of Western Medieval painting. His paintings are crafted according to traditional methods. All supports, grounds, pigments and media are prepared by the artist according to 16th century recipies.

The cartoon-like imagery of Collis’ paintings evoke a satirical and often dark sense of humor. The work depicts individuals faced with the urgency of their own neurosis. A reoccurring theme, which ultimately mirrors the kind of banal, yet fatalistic pressure of the “real world”.

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'The Sea'



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"The rendering of the old man adrift in a rough sea is, essentially, the "life story" of every man. Who hasn't experience of being lost, up s"t creek without a paddle, alone without hope? That, my friends, is a beautifully terrifying story told.... and it could be you, or me. Maybe it has been."

"i think mr collis found insperation after watching castaway one might come to notice the uncanny resemblance the the movies caracture...uhmmm? yet i do feel he has a definite tallent and i do not agree with mr sadlers comment its not a graffic novel i feel he usurped the inspiration from the tom hanks role and inserted a caracture from a recently viewed comic in a fishing mag"

"I like both. The top one for it's old man and the sea vibe with Japanese waves in the background. The bottom one is very endearing."

"i think the one with the man on the boat is artiskticly random but expressional,the one with the robot i think is just a goofaround picture cause the artist couldnt think of anything to do!the one with the pills are probably a guy that was on drugs.the photos were just being creative with their family and freinds the house was expressing their dream home the window could mean possibly anything im watchign you bird watching or just landscaping."

"Mr. Collis has the difficult task of creating a comic book or graphic novel in a single image. He succeeds.Kudos to him."


"cute and funny"

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