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Owen Schuh  San Francisco, CA

'Four Folds'
Oil, Graphite, Gold and copper Leaf, and Ink on Acrylic Primed Panel

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About Owen

Owen Schuh earned a M.F.A. in painting and Drawing from Temple,University and a B.A. in fine art from Haverford, College.

He explains his work by saying, “My work seeks to illuminate the entwining relations between embodied mind, mathematics, and the physical world. My artwork is structured by mathematical functions, which though relatively simple in nature yield outcomes of surprising organic complexity.

A mathematical relation may be represented as easily by symbols on a page as drops of paint or an arrangement of beer mugs. Anything can stand for anything, but the underlying structure remains constant. In each piece I strive to manifest phenomena unique to the interaction between the physical medium and the logical structure.

Through research and experimentation I choose mathematical functions that model the interactions and structure of living systems.”

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