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Stefania Fersini  Torino, Italy

'pulp no7 page 3'
Oil on canvas
'i-D spring summer 2012 pag 209'
Oil on linen

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About Stefania

Stefania Fersini is a painter based in Torino, Italy. She is part of Nucleo a collective of artists and designers. Her wrinkled paintings are a critique of a world that produces more than we need.

Stefania explains her work by saying, “The enlarged fashion pages bring back to real scale the characters and the scene in the foreground, creating a parallel world made of models, scenarios, icons of our society. Magazine papers picked from rubbish, with their twists and reflections, divert the attention from the scene. Together with the products’ captions, they represent consumerism and appearance. The contrast between the depth of the scene and the surface of coated paper produce a continuous change of perception.”

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'Smoke Break'

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"Thank you to allA would like to reply to Anonymous.I don't want be "original".I think today all people run for make somethings originaland in the meantime they lose sight ofthe beautiful, the thrill, the concept."

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