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Marlin Peterson  Seattle, WA

'Giant arachnid'
Roof top mural
'Giant arachnid'
Roof top mural

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About Marlin

With a graduate degree in Scientific Illustration from the University of California, Santa Cruz, it’s no wonder that much of Marlin Peterson’s work shows meticulously drawn, almost life-like depictions of insects and mammals in their natural state. From cartooning to science illustration, he is fluent in all manners of media, both traditional and digital. Aided by his precision, creativity, and technical proficiency, Marlin’s emotionally engaging and near life-like images bring to life the unseen world of insects and mammals. Being an individual who specializes in the illustration of insects and other creatures, he jumps at the opportunity and challenge of painting on a large-scale canvas. Marlin’s professional experience includes illustrating with nationally recognized organizations such as the Smithsonian and the Museum of Natural History in Santa Cruz, CA and working with children. His diverse technical skill sets, enthusiastic attitude, and flexibility set him apart and make his work unforgettable.

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"That's neat"

"I've always had a fear of spiders; this is very un-comforting."

"ew! spiders yuck!"

"giant daddy long legs?"

"TICAC = That Is Crazy Ass Cool!!!"


"why not flowers? spiders are ok but their creepy"

"what long legs are they dadylongleg ?"

"I learned in art school that for art to work, it has to evoke an emotion, even if you hate it, it has worked. I hate this work. I guess it's worked."

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