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Kristine Moran  Brooklyn, NY

'Lilies in midnight'
Oil on canvas
'Carry over'
Oil on canvas

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About Kristine

In the few short years since her graduation from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Kristine Moran has built a busy career with exhibitions of her award-winning paintings in Toronto, New York and elsewhere. Drawing on urban landscape, film and mythology she creates a contending space of mixed environmental narratives and painterly abandon.

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'New York'


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"Each piece of art is something different for everyone. I sometimes come across an abstract that I like simply for the balance and color. Ordinarily I prefer my paintings to represent something recognizable. Ms. Moran obviously has talent, why she prefers to paint what looks like folded and tossed paper is beyond me. But! - she is award winning so apparently it works for her."

"I love the shapes used and the picture it creates:)"


"i see an angel"

"cool art really pretty"

"Its a great work!!!!!!"

"talking mushrooms! this is good!"

"Wow...some people just like to complain! "Exploiting" light and dark? Really? Painting and artwork is not simply about discerning shapes as recognizable to your individual brain. The write up describes perfectly what the art is about and, in my opinion matches perfectly...this is a feminine feast for the eyes...even if I can't tell what I am eating! Very talented artist painting nonrepresentational works of emotion. Probably not meant to be discected in science class. Different everytime you look."

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