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Valerie Hegarty  New York, NY

'Season's End'
Painting stretcher, wire, foil, paper, glue, canvas, thread, wood molding, gold leaf, plastic
'Sinking Ship'

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About Valerie

Walking into an exhibition of work by American artist Valerie Hegarty, you might think there has been a terrible accident. Hegarty’s work is characterized by canvases and antiques that have been burned, ripped, cracked, shot at or otherwise destroyed. however the devastating state of Hegarty’s work is intentional. Her work is intended to evoke man’s struggle to civilize nature and the consequences which emerge.

Valerie explains the work by saying, “It’s almost as if it were planted in the ground and grew. I’ve been toying with making a landscape painting become a landscape itself. Is that somehow more accurate than simply painting a landscape? In the earlier work, I had taken paintings and sculptures from Art History and broken them down so that they looked as if they’d been through a natural disaster—so that there was even more historical information dumped on the historical painting.”

Valerie Hegarty is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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"Meh. She is too caught up in decay. It's an obvious window into her soul and it's not particularly pretty. Sure, art is not intended to comfort by rote; but provocation requires SOME variety. She's the same sour note, over and over, irrespective of medium. SOME talent, but vision is severely (if not ironically) limited to the macabre."

"Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing effort."

"bello! a mix of rauschenberg and baroque."

"I absolutely love your art.... the way you create is so inspiring !"

"i dont know what it is but it looks cool as hell..!!!!"

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