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Jolene Lai  Los Angeles, CA

'Hello Fish'
Oil on canvas
'Ms Lugubrious'
Oil on canvas

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About Jolene

Jolene Lai was born and raised in Singapore. She studied painting at Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts and graphic design at UCLA. After graduating, she spent a year working at a design agency before returning to fine art.

Lai works primarily in oil on canvas or mixed media on watercolor paper. Using bold color and shape and intricate detail, she achieves a seductive aesthetic and a mix whimsy, melancholy, irony and absurdity.

Lai seeks to engage the viewer with images that are approachable and newly imagined spaces that invite exploration. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

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"very very very nice. thank you."

"bro thats cool"

"I love this painting. You have an amazing talent. I can only imagine the time you put into this. I am an amature artist myself and at times I have spent several days on something I was sketching so, I can apperciate the hours it must have taken you. Thank You for giving the world such a beautiful image."

"weird but intresting"

"Simply enchanting! Great skill demonstrated with enchanting subject matter. KUDOS!"


"love this!"

"Just the way I feel right about now"


"awesome drawing"

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