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Denise Nestor  Dublin, Ireland

Lead on paper with vector gradient
Lead on paper

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About Denise

Denise Nestor received a BFA in 2004 from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology and has been working as a graphic designer and illustrator ever since.

Her work is largely inspired by nature and animal symbolism as well as mythology and folklore, in particular the medieval bestiaries. She is based in Dublin, Ireland.

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'Double Exposure'

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Is he thinking of a woman? Or could it be that he is touch with his feminity more than what he leads one to believe? Love the art and love 'Unravel' too.

Yo I am incredibly jealous of your style...and I knew I wasn't only one who doesn't really do backgrounds. That's ok. Your amazing work is proof that we don't need em. lol

i love this peice soo much from artist to artist

how did u become such a great artist?


Reeeeally like this. Has an awesome ethereal quality to it that i truly enjoy

Beautiful people...

Awesome job! I am a big fan of this picture. I'm very interested in art and this makes me want it more"

Very cool. I see it as portraying a woman on his mind that he loves and has lost.

girl and boy and some mysterious eye or something

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