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Paul Rouphail  Pittsburgh, PA

'By the sea'
Gouache on wood
'The NC Mutual Life building'
Oil on canvas

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About Paul

Paul Anthony Rouphail received a BFA magna cum laude from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010.

Besides his primary painting practice, he has also experimented in making films.

His work has been exhibited across the East Coast.

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Scott Listfield

Somerville, MA artist

"There’s something monolithic about Paul Rouphail’s work that I really admire. They’re a little bit spooky, and they remind me of the feeling I get when I walk my dog late at night and I look up at the stars, at least the few I can see out of the haze of the city, and they start to seem closer and more important than the things on our terrestrial world. I begin to wonder if there’s somebody up there watching me back. Then I turn a corner and run smack into a Starbuck’s."

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'Smoke Break'

10 of 12 reactions displayed

"thats cool"

"this is awesome i love the whole thing great job paul rouphail!"

"What the hell is this? Some twisted dawn of a new day of smoking? This type of thing went out with Warhol. At least he had a style for the times."


"Fascinating work:)"

"Funny and Beautiful (like)"


"got a light..."

"that is amazing sunset"

"wow cool"

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