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Matt Haffner  Atlanta, GA

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About Matt

Taking a page from Charles Bukowski and a line from Tom Waits, this work delves into a narrative, which has its roots in the everyman, addressing aspects of the underbelly of society, with characters on the fringes of culture. Using a cinematic format, these pieces reference the film noir and comic books that inspire them. The enigmatic relationship between juxtaposing spatial elements and the narrative figure is explored, using the urban landscape as both setting and aesthetic component. These atmospheric portrayals describe scenes where the characters and their environs are caught in the fabric of a flash fiction.

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"I like his website, work is very interesting too. I like"

"I love it, makes me curious."

"kind of ..... boring."

"I have to admit...its wierd, but in a good way! The more you look at it, it grows on you. It almost looks like a photo. I like that.~kk."

"Wierd. The top looks like some strange photo and the bottom looks like an ink wash. it is "OK"."

"Abba, all art was modern at one time."

"whoa in the first one i didnt notice it wasnt real people until just now"

"i think its WEIRD!!!! if u ask me i dont like modern art much"

"Fantastic work. These pieces really caught my eye. I really like the way the artists plays with 3-D reality in the piece with 3 men."

"Excellent urban theme. Nice to see 'color' in art."

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