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Mike Giant  Albuquerque, NM

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About Mike

Birth. Upstate New York. Drawing. New Mexico. BMX bikes. Heavy Metal. Skateboarding. Punk rock. Hip-hop. Thailand. College. Dishwasher. Raves. Lorelei. First tattoo. San Francisco. Dharma. Think Skateboards. Angi. London. Adult bookstore. Computer animation. Tattooing. New York City. Newskool. Skullz Press. Everlasting. Track bikes. Brooke and Leia. Tokyo. Tattoo 13. Plum Village. Albuquerque. Stay Gold. Rebel8. Manifestations. Ordained minister. Megan. 35. Right here. Right now.

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Gavin Worth

San Francisco, CA artist

"I'm always partial to artists from New Mexico because that's where I grew up, but truly, I saw Mike's work when I was a young artist in San Francisco and loved it right away. It's just so evocative and so moving... the simplicity and the stark line and effortless feeling. He's a real master."

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"look im gettin a tattoo today and im gettin this thnx...."

"DAMN! I think your art inspires out of this world!!! I've always wanted to have the ability to do art from a point of view where i could understand beneath the art of whutt im drawing but it really never came to me. I guess i wasn't meant to draw that way. UNFORTUNATELY..."

"screw the negativity...only they can prevent jealousy...seeing this art inspires me to continue creating my own, which is the purpose of art in any form. art is art but negativity is unnecessary and unapreciated. there is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain rudeness..."

"Very lovely work! I hate the two nasty comments, but that's what artists have to face. Nothing is wrong with portraying a message to the world on your skin. It's brave to be so bold and these images really reflect my friends and me. Thanks for sharing :)And Roger, would you say the same thing if the girls were covered in scripture, the cross, prayer hands, and a bible? Dont hate, appreciate baby!"

"Commercial Art? Nothing new here. Secred heart, daggers, fishnet over breast. Love tatooed on the fingers, this is great for tatoos, but it doesn't make it as Art."

"do you fancy designing a tattoo for the image at the top."

"New here & just looking at some earlier featured artists, the tatt work & photography are very good.Roger, when a person goes to an artist for a tattoo, they usually have a design in mind rather than walking in & saying "hey, do something cool on me dude." It's something you live with, perhaps it's the people in the bodies who are trifling with God, their error. But to be so pompous about an entire new, youth centered, "hip" style of art makes you sound very old & dusty indeed."

"Inspiring work I must say."

"?¦i??ve watched your work for quite some time and until now have never heard negative comments such as those above. ?¦although I consider myself something of a feminist i??ve never found your work degrading. ?¦i actually think it glorifies the female form and connects femininity with the sacred and otherworldly realm. Anyhow, i love & adore it. Please keep up the creativity!!!~~~>becKa*"

"Cool folk prison style art.. I like the 1st one the best.. would buy"

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