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Randall David Tipton  Portland, OR

'Sunlight and Shade'
'Rio en Medio 5'

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About Randall David

Randall David Tipton grew up in California and New Mexico before moving to Portland, Oregon, seventeen years ago. He is mostly self-taught but studied under Richard Diebenkorn in the first master class at the new Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art.

Landscapes have been his primary interest from an early age. He is chiefly influenced by the American abstract expressionists and particularly their belief in improvisation as path to something unique and meaningful.

Tipton spends a lot of time walking in the countryside with a camera, notebook, or sketchbook to document his research. What he sees and experiences outdoors is the primary basis for his creative practice.

His work has been extensively exhibited in Portland.

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'Into The Woods'

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"I've just seen some of your paintings online. Beautiful, amazing. I was wondering where I might be able to see a catalog of available paintings. I really want some of your work. Thank you. Im so glad you decided to get into abstract."

"Randall, I just saw a painting of yours in Henry Cloud's office in Missoula, MT.. He said it is about 25 years old! I am so awed and inspired. I am trying to teach myself to watercolor and it is a real challenge.I've seldom seen any watercolor work I have liked as much as yours. Thank you for being a role model."

"your paintings are incredibly beautiful areal treat for the senses. i have used yupo and like do you mount it on a panel? do you frame your yupo painting under glass?seeing your paintings inspires me to try the yupo again. bestwishes. sara"

"Hi Randall!I wanted to let you know that I am teaching a new class in our college of education called "Children and the Arts." One assignment I gave my students this semester was to get on the artistaday website, choose an artist whose work resonated with them, and write a brief report about the work they enjoyed and one artist they liked. I used your work as an example for everyone, and showed them your "Painters process" site as well. One student chose you as her favorite and gave a report to the rest of the class about your bio. I thought you might like to know that you have a fan club in Missouri!! And I'll bet my lottery winnings that I just made your day. STILL lovin'on your work!Amy Freshwater"

"Wow! One of the most compelling and lyrical artists I've seen. Captures the feel of natural subject with gorgeous color schemes and unique composition."

"Unique palette; I like it, it's atypical. Well done!"

"Typically I'm NOT stuck by artist-a-day postings, but this one had me at the first tree.....maybe the work resonates with me because I also am a walker, so I am in the landscape every day, seeking out the places that Randall is depicting. Quiet, colorful, stunning...........thirst-quenching for those of us who are hard-working and weary! Thanks Randall!"

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