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Sarah Ann Loreth  Hudson, NH

'When the decay calls to the past'
'White sheets and dirty mattresses'

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About Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann Loreth is a fine art photographer from New Hampshire who specializes in self-portraiture.

In her work, Loreth aims to convey a quietness of emotion with a connection to her natural surroundings. She uses color correction to create an imagined reality that is nonetheless extremely human and toes the line between darkness and light.

Through death, destruction, and suicide, she examines the darker side of the human spirit. Through her creative practice she has concluded that death should not be feared. Her work evokes a connection from the viewer, a feeling of oneness of the human experience and a mystery that leaves you wondering what will happen next.

Her work has been exhibited in New Hampshire and published worldwide.

Recommended by our guest curators

Walter Martin

Musician, The Walkmen

"My favorite Sarah Ann Loreth pictures are in the series called Memories of You ­ interior portraits that remind me of those Vermeer pictures of women alone in a room, caught in a reflective moment. I love the soft light and the deep....deep.....quiet."

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"zeroness, yes, this is just a photo and art is subjective, but before you shake your head; know that this photo has moved myself and many others and that is what art is meant to do. These photos are really quite remarkable."

"I don't always like dark subject matter, but this work strikes a cord deep inside that leaves me undisturbed. Awesome work!"

"that is prety damn cool"

"love it!!!! it's unique"

"wow! looks like your an angel almost rising out of sickness"

"This appears to have been taken in an old shut down state mental hospital. Her obvious feminity as shown by her clothing is a stark contrast to the filth and the rigidity of the once clinical surroundings. Made me think of Sylvia Plath."

"Some of these comments, I suspect, are from people who did NOT read the bio. They ARE photos. ****shakes head***Nice photo manipulations but i would't want one hanging in my living room, or my gallery. A bit depressing I'd say."

"this is remarkable! One of the best I have sen in a long time for so many reasons"

"this is so cool and done so well"

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