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Peter Hamlin  New York, NY

Acrylic on linen
'Virtual Tiger'
Acrylic ink on paper

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About Peter

Envisioning the future, where technology will be indistinguishable from life, Peter Hamlin uses visual forms of painting, drawing, printmaking and objects informed by elements of storytelling and myth-making. Compositions blend fantasy and science as the spaces breathe with awareness in vibrant, synthetic colors, layers, and delineated systems.

Blurring the boundaries between the artificial and organic, the nefarious, benevolent, and benign, Peter constructs environments where nanopeople, robots, cyborg plants, and curious synthetic organisms live their lives. Humor and playfulness hybridize in these spaces where multiple outcomes to this destiny manifest through color, pattern and line.

As technologies are radically changing how humans experience the world, Peter’s work creates a place for exploration of how we adapt as a species, determine our future, and prepare for what’s to come.

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