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Reinier Gamboa  Miami, FL

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About Reinier

When I was a child growing up in Cuba, I would watch in amazement as my father would paint in his spare time at home. He always encouraged me to draw, so I started as soon as I could hold a pencil. I have an interest in experiencing life, reading good books, having meaningful conversations, music of many kinds, nature, and art.

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"This is amazing and I want it up in my room :)"

"Most compelling"

"Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I'm really happy that you enjoy the work. Roger E. Sadler has a very good idea of what I'm trying to do. I want to aknowledge the undercurrents that unite everything. The more fragmented we become, the more boundaries we place as we isolate individual aspects so I try to show fragmentation but with an underlying unity that allows a person to travel back and forth in space and time. The unity is not always obvious because I don't make a detailed plan before I begin...the paintings and drawings are organic and I learn as I go along by making a lot of what some may call "mistakes". I believe we all need to open our minds and look beyond rigid boundaries that no longer improve our quality of life so anything that I do which I consider successful I do it with that thought in mind."

"as u said "I have an interest in experiencing life". Your paintings really do grasp that idea. There is a cetain style to your works that I wish I could put into my own works."

"Love it-love it-love it!"

"brilliant! love the colors chosen. the eyes are amazing... wish my skills were nearly as developed."

"I love your work. It's so...alive and the personalities of the characters in your paintings really shine through.I agree that the website is also really great."

"The Forever Wanderer--Wonder-er.Let me try to make sense of this challenging artist's work. It is so dense and multicultural. It may create a person at one scale then at a smaller scale there is a galaxy floating in the dark of their hair.The artist has mastered realism so for a greater challenge they're doing these mystical paintings that range from the face of humans of any global culture to the galactic as well as hopping around in different time periods.The work is shocking but this is not shock for shock value. It says something about the human condition. All this time and I don't talk about surrealism. These don't feel like surrealistic paintings. They feel like a solution to get so many ideas onto the image field."

"Realmente... muy bueno"

"Museum quality work !! Very nice web site"

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