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Dale Grimshaw  London, UK

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About Dale

My most recent concern artistically is with how we experience the visual world. I believe we see fragments and focus randomly on the impressions we encounter. Images and movement are viewed not purely in a sequential animation but more in the manner of a jigsaw that our brain works instantaneously to join up and make sense of. In my current work I am unpicking this process and aiming to show the viewer the world as they truly see it.

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"Fascinating. I love the highly developed cognitive ideas behind the work and I am so utterly pleased that you portray those ideas with such beautiful images. It is so refreshing to see an artist who is capable of conveying such intellectual and unique meanings through such skillful and lovely imagery. I love the mix of realism and abstraction.Just wonderful."

"Amazing stuff. Some of the best 'urban' stuff I've seen in a long time. I'm getting slightly bored with all the stencil rip-off stuff being churned out.Fresh!"

"Amazing work. Very inspiring... a rare raw emotion your paintings."

"Love the expressive brush work, but not the "photographic edges". I suppose Picasso has these type of edges as well in his early cubist work, and David Hockney has them as well in his Polaroid collage. Still, not a fan."

"It is interesting the way the work conveys a sort of non-linearity using a kind of "pixelated" or almost cubist approach. It really does address the way we try to make sense of images and time. These paintings remind me that my perceptions are always inaccurate or incomplete, and are influenced by my focus as much as they are by reality.Where is everybody?"

"Nice work!"

"very inspiring work. you must have some knowledge and inspiration from alex grey's work."

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