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Ben Horton  San Diego, CA

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About Ben

Ben Horton is a man of many talents. In addition to his great neo-contemporary artwork, he is also the owner of $LAVE Skateboards and creative director for Black Box Distribution. His work is known across the skateboard community as well as the gallery scene. Ben primarily works with acrylic on wood but his pieces lots of other materials as well.

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"Paintings with text tend to either befuddle me (because the words are so random as to be a distraction) or tire me (because the statement they make is too obvious). I'm trying to remain open, but as an earlier poster impled - some of Mr. Horton's work is depth-challenged. Maybe I should lighten up. It's just not possible for everything to be profound."

"great stuff. i really dig your style."

"Enjoyed the technique. reminiscent of instructional kids books in the 60's. The political content is too obvious even without the bold Headlines for me.Love the birds."

"Nice palette and very tight compositions. However, the bottom one's technical proportions really bother me (I think it would be a lot stronger if the deer's head was larger.)"

"nice job!!!!!!"

"Love all of these pieces. Perfect combination of medias as well as artistic wit. hope to see more soon."

"I love this its amazing"

"His artistic talent is nothing short of stunning. The mixture of nature meets modern/urban hs been blended beautifuly. I hope to see more of his works in the future, and hope that he would be featured in a live art exhibition soon so that he may get the recognition that he deserves."

"I did get a better feel for this artist by looking on his website. He's a wild child and has political zest. Yet, I do think most of his work is a little too obvious. I found myself liking the "non-labelled" pieces the best. I LOVE the girl/doll's body with the wolf's head, and the elephant does have a peaceful vibe. You have humor; you are tongue-in-cheek, nothing here is overtly agressive, but some don't go deeper than peeling off the wrapper since they represent cliche ideas - such as the monkey with the cell-phone or the wolf with "Lower Prices."~sammylambs"

"Ben Horton's website is I had to search for it. I like his work very much. In the same style he makes political statements: humans as animals, extinct species, animal paintings, and female model paintings. All are on a collaged background, with incomplete image and usually some text. His elephant painting is great. It is just a study. No political statement, just a good elephant."

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